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Hotel rest stop

更多 发布于:2001-06-28 09:26
A man and his wife had been traveling for 18 hours when
they decided to stop for a few hours to rest. They checked
into a nice hotel and slept for four hours. When they were
ready to continue their trip, they went downstairs to pay
their bill. The desk clerk handed them a bill for $350. The
man exploded, and said the bill was too high, asking to see
the manager. The manager met them at the front desk and
explained that the hotel has an olympic pool and a nice
conference room and they were available for the couple's
use. "But we didn't use them!" the man complained. The
manager insisted that the room and pool were available for
them, as well as tickets to several shows. The man
explained they didn't use any of those things, to which the
manager replied, "But you could have."
Finally, needing to get back on the road, the man wrote a
check for $100. The manager looked at the check and said,
"This is only for $100."
The man replied, "That's right. I charged you $250 for
sleeping with my wife."
"But I didn't sleep with her!" the manager said.

The man smiled and said, "Yeah, but she was here and you
could have.";);););););):D:D:D --------------------   Optimistic is my color
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   Day in and day out
  Sun rise and down 
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