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Just give yourself a goal...

更多 发布于:2001-06-15 18:27
We spend our time on something,from the dawn to dark,day in and day out,sun rise and down.
When you suddenly raise you head,you will find lots of things need talking.then you will sigh how times flies;you will regret many valuable days lost;you will complain how had the environment you have had so that you cannot demonstrate your ability somehow.
Just give yourself a goal,then realize it,it is enough to be a full life.
We always give ourselves many dreams and we usually regret our waste.we always impute the failure to the environment but never find reason from own.
It is just a goal of mine,nothing at all
it is no doubt that when you finish one thing you have planned for a long time,you would feel extremely happy.but we often missed it.the time is so treasurable that we cannot ignore it.every kind of life can be meaningful.
If give you a goal,stay connected it,and you will do the right thing..... --------------------   Optimistic is my color
  We spend our time on something from dawn to dark
   Day in and day out
  Sun rise and down 
  Make an own goal to confront life