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How to keep in calm in exams?

更多 发布于:2001-06-16 22:38
  Anxiety is perhaps the worst problem many college students are faced with in their examinations.They just feel unable to keep their wits about them in those occasions,as a result of which they don't give full play to their abilities.How to solve this problem?
  First of all,we should dispel the misgivings about the results of the exams.All of us are eager to chalk up good results in the evaluation tests.However,just remember:More haste,less speed.We should not be too mindful about the results.Take things calmly.
  Furthermore,we can also adopt some concrete steps to calm ourselves.For example ,we may keep our eyes closed and think of nothing for a minute or two just before starting an exam.It helps to keep a cool head and minimize nervousness.As for me,this method always works.
  In the final analysis,we ought to bear in mind that calmness is essential for good performance in a test.Overcoming anxiety is not so thorny a problem if we are mentally and physically prepared.

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